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    Sweet Hayah: Sweet Hayah

    Nehal is an Egyptian-born singer and songwriter raised in France, and currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She fell in love with piano at the age of 6, and knew very early on that music just had to be part of her life. She started writing her own songs in her teenage years, and her passion for music composition and improvisation has never ceased to evolve since then.

    She mainly sings in English, but has written a few songs in French, and frequently improvises in French on the microphone. Her worldly style is quite unique, and is largely inspired by her multicultural background. Performing for her friends, family or for just about anyone interested in taking a listen, is what drives her to strive to keep growing as a musician and as a human being. Nehal often collaborates with other artists, and truly appreciates meeting other musicians, and sharing her passion and thoughts with music lovers.

    Nehal has recently started a band called Sweet HayaH (in Arabic HayaH means “Life”). The band is composed of Devin Moreno (guitar), Josh Gardner (drums), and Aaron Marquez (bass). They have been performing consistently around the Bay Area since July 2011. Check them out online at www.reverbnation.com/sweethayah

    Please check the events page to find out when you can see Nehal live!